A little something blue + bling

  Shoes, shoes, shoes. I like them but they don't like me back.  My feet are flat and big; nooooot exactly a shoe designers dream client.


However I haven't let my size 13's stop me from living vicariously through others!


Soooo, I'm starting a new series on the blog here, all about shoes.


After all isn't Cinderella proof that one pair of shoes can change your whole life?


With spring in the air, I thought it would be fun to start with some bold bright colors.  How about a little something blue?  Aaaaand we can't forget the bling; I love me some bling!


Check out these shoes from Manuella  with the lovely purse to match!


Food Photography - Marcoot Jersey Creamery

It was love at first taste.  


When my friend Amy of Marcoot Jersey Creamery encouraged me to try some of MJC's yummy quark, I spread a tiny bit on a piece of bread and fell in love.  Quark, a soft spreadable cheese more well known in German communities is just one of the deeee-lightful Artisan cheeses Amy & her family of seventh generation dairy farmers produce.


While visiting the Marcoot Jersey Farm & Marcoot Jersey Creamery last month I got a good sense of appreciation for how hard dairy farmers work.  I may be a suburban girl through & through, but I can mostly definitely tip my hat to the small farmers of America!  I made sure to show my utmost appreciation by sampling everything I could:  fresh mozzarella, gourmet flavored ice cream, havarti, cheddar, and of course my personal favorites quark & cheese curds.  Friends, you haven't lived until you've eaten quark & curds from MJC!


Food this good is a work of art, so I enjoyed doing a bit of food photography. It was fun to experiment in a different genre of photography, and I really enjoyed showcasing their delicious products!  Never have I had a more tasty shoot!