Family Portrait Time!

One of my favorite parts about photographing families is getting to document changes year after year. Like that favorite auntie or grandma at the holidays, I exclaim about Ella's big girl haircut, Isaiah's new glasses, or Sidney's missing tooth.  It brings me delight to think of the tangible legacy I am helping to create.  Is it a little weird if it makes me want to break out in song like Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer and say "I wanna grow old with you."  Yeah, I thought it was a little weird too, so we'll just keep that between you me and the computer screen ;)

This year, I've photographed many more extended family shoots, and I'm loving it! I mean, how often does everyone get to be together at the same time? You might as well get some photos!

If you are looking for someone to photograph you and yours, I would love to see you on the other side of my camera before we say cheers to 2016!