That thing that couples do

It is without a doubt my favorite part of a family shoot.  As one client put it, I'll be "capturing the chaos that is their family" with kids running around having a blast when I'll turn to the parents to grab a few quick shots of just the two of them.

All of a sudden everything else will fade into the background.  The two of them will look at each other, not say a word, and just smile.  Or they might make a funny face.  Or they might exchange a sweet kiss.  Whatever it is, I find that moment is pure magic.  They've seen better and worse, sickness and health, a dirty diaper or two or two hundred, and lots of leftovers for dinner.  And they still have eyes for only each other.  *Happy sigh*.  And that friends is why I love what I do. I get to capture those moments!

Here are some more fun moments captured with this incredible family: