My Super Sonic Secret Power

There are some prayers that I'm so glad God answered with a kind no. Like the time I was convinced that long red hair and violet eyes would transform me into a vision of loveliness.  Wow.  All I can think now is Thank You sweet merciful God!

However I wouldn't mind if God gave me super sonic secret powers.  You know, seeing through walls, leaping buildings in a single bound, that kind of thing.

Sadly the closest thing I have to a super sonic secret power is that I'm a speed reader.  *Nerd alert*  It's not uncommon for me to fly through a 200-300 page novel between dinner and bedtime.  There is a catch though, it has to be a fiction book. Non-fiction books are my kryptonite.   With the very best of intentions I'll load up on non-fiction books on a trip to the library (I told you I was a nerd), and without fail I start them enthusiastically, only to have them migrate to the "donations" pile months later.

However I am very proud to say that I started AND finished a whole entire non-fiction book .  Yes it had pictures, but the images were by a photographer so that's different (right?).  One of my mentor's surprised me with a the book  Wedding Photography From the Heart.

I read it from cover to cover and it was inspiring and  visually stunning.   If  you are looking for inspiration as a photographer, or just enjoy beautiful imagery, I encourage you to grab a copy.  You'll definitely finish it, whether you're a lover of non-fiction or not!