I confess, that I can be quite the girly girl, and what is more girly than a bridal shower?  Last month I got to help host a shower for my good friend Emily that will be getting married this month.  On a whim I decided to take out my trusty nifty fifty lens and have a bit of fun before the party got started. Cutesy napkins are always a must...

...along with fun plates.

There's the required punch bowl.

Fruit and veggie plates to make you feel healthy :)

Pretty finger foods like this yummy bruschetta Emily's sister made.

And then there is my pride and joy THE brownie trifle.  If you ever need a definite party winner try this recipe.  I only make it for parties, because something this good should never ever sit around my house :)

Emily, I'm glad to call you friend, and I am so excited for your upcoming wedding!

Thanks to Melissa for grabbing this shot of me and Emily!