Nigerians of their generation aren't known for public displays of affection, but their love is communicated in thousands of different ways.


She cooks the foods only he loves, and he never forgets a birthday, holiday, or anniversary.


Today many would say their story is the stuff that dreams are made of.  I wish I'd known them when they first met: my dad, the popular playwright with swag in every inch of his afro, mustache and platform boots.  And then my mom, class and elegance echoing from her 70's sweaters, afro, and glasses.  Together on campus, they were quite the dashing pair.  And oh how I wish I had a photograph of them from that time period!


I didn't know them then, but I'm proud to know them now.


I love that they have their own private jokes, that they still lovingly serve one another, and that they still talk. That they are friends...still.


This past weekend, they celebrated another wedding anniversary.  Mom & Dad, here's to 32 more years & counting!