A Whispered Challenge

It was my first wedding.  I was nervous and excited to capture the magic of someone’s special day.  As I watched the lead photographer maneuver among the décor, I promise you my ears played tricks on me. “I challenge you”

Um what did you just say?

"I challenge you.  I challenge you to shoot this wedding fully on manual mode."

To say I was taken aback would be putting it mildly.  No she did NOT just challenge me.

I looked back at her, and she smiled and said it again.  I looked at her.  I looked at my camera.  I switched from automatic mode to fully manual mode.  I took a practice shot….oh dear!

It's good to remember where I've come from.  That first wedding was a loooong time ago.  It's funny to remember my face and reaction to her words.  I was browsing through my archives and I came across the following image.  It'll never be framed on anybody's wall or in an album.  But I am very proud of this image; one of the very few from that first wedding that was well lit and perfectly composed....in manual mode!