A Timeless Classic

Okay, I'm a little nervous because I'm about to reveal just what a girlie girl romantic I am; with a bit of nerd thrown in for good measure ;)

I have an amazing gift to fall in love with TV shows that don't last very long.

I mean die-hard, head over heels, I can quote every single line of every episode in love with.

The TV series Christy is one such show.  If you're not familiar with the goodness that is Christy; think Little House on the Prairie meets Anne of Green Gables.  That's right; good quality, wholesome, non-cheesy TV at its best.  To this day, watching Christy brings a goofy grin to my face as I quote episodes I've seen countless times.

As a little girl, I waited with baited breath to see if Christy would choose David or Dr. McNeil.

In my teen years, I identified with the  young girl wanting to be seen as a grown woman.

As a young adult living overseas, I could relate to a young woman living out her adventures in a culture foreign to her.

And today, I can connect with my 10 and 12 year old girlfriends as we again discuss the dilemma of David or Dr. McNeil :)

This time of year always has me thinking of timeless classics.  Although not a holiday series, Christy has been a timeless treasure that has connected with me in various seasons of my life.  I hope that my photography will be like Christy; a timeless treasure enjoyed by all ages in every season of life.