Back on My Feet Golf Classic

Back on My Feet is an inspiring organization with a unique mission.  They use running, “to help those experiencing homelessness change the way they see themselves so they can make real change in their lives that results in employment and independent living.”  In short, running is a tool "creating self-sufficiency in the lives of those experiencing homelessness".  How creative is that?  I love their purpose and was excited to partner with them to cover part of their annual Golf Classic fundraiser.

The event took place at the Texas Star Golf Course in Euless, TX.  Walking out onto the green, the view was positively breathtaking!  Who knew that such natural beauty is hidden away in the DFW area?   

I arrived before the golf teams finished up for the day so I was able to capture them coming in, getting a bite to eat, and then receiving awards.  Thanks to the team at Back on My Feet for having me out!