Double Birthday Bash + Surprise Proposal

How to plan the perfect proposal:

Convince your girlfriend that you can’t get off base for her birthday party.

Hide under a table on board the boat where her birthday party will be taking place….for 3 hours.

Surprise her with an epic proposal!

Simon, you did it! Congrats on pulling off an epic surprise proposal.  Kathy & Titi, happy birthday to you both! Kathy and Simon congratulations on your engagement. I loved getting to be part of the festivities!  

The cool breeze on Lake Lewisville helped ease the warm summer temperatures as the boat headed out for the evening. The two birthday girls were surrounded by excited friends and family....only a handful who knew how the evening would unfold.

Expert captain of JT's Boat Rentals wanted to make sure he got a photo with the celebrants.

Kathy, you are gorgeous!

I could get used to views like this!

Titi, you make 21 look good girl! 

Brothers from another mother