Portrait of an Artist, Dallas Painter Charlotte Seifert

In August, I started teaching photography to high school students part time at Covenant Classical School in Fort Worth, Texas.  It was an unexpected opportunity that I am incredibly grateful for, and it dovetails so nicely with my photography business (which I am still running full time!). The position came about so quickly that I didn’t have time to stress (much), otherwise, I might have been incredibly anxious about working with co-workers again….and *gasp*  having a boss!  Fortunately, God gifted me fellow teachers who blow me away with their kindness and inspire me with their skill.  And the cherry on top is my fabulous supervisor Charlotte Seifert. She. Is. Wonderful!!  Seriously, she is the kind of boss you dream of having: supportive, encouraging, helpful, and so much more!

I was so excited when she wanted me to photograph her…aaaaaaand a tad bit nervous! I mean, photographing a fellow artist is reason enough for butterflies in the tummy, but when that artist is also your supervisor….queue a symphony of nerves!  

I had no reason for stress because Charlotte was as delightful to photograph as she is at school.  

On the way to her studio, I saw this lovely patch of light and stopped to get in a few quick shots. 

Ahhh, I'm loving that sparkle in those beautiful eyes!  

Charlotte is a talented painter, and produces really incredible works of abstract art. I enjoyed photographing her at work in her studio.

This little fellow was hesitant at first, but we eventually got him to pose for a few photos!

Charlotte,  I have a million thank-yous for all you do for me every day.  Today, I’ll add to that list; thank you for trusting me to photograph you and your art!