My Sister's Classic Wedding at Robert Carr Chapel and Arlington Women's Club

I’ve started this blog post so many times and each time it never feels quite right, because really how do you write about the day your sister got married?? Oh, and you photographed the wedding??  I cannot even begin to share it all, so I’ll limit it to these few nuggets :) My sister’s timeless elegance and beauty shined so brightly.  I’ve never seen my dad smile so big.  My new brother in law is kind, patient, and a wonderful compliment to my sister.  Their wedding day painted a beautiful picture of God being glorified, and community coming together to celebrate this crazy amazing thing called love.   

Mr. & Mrs. O I pray you always love fiercely!

There’s something about putting on that veil that suddenly made my little sister look like a bride.  Sidenote: how talented is my mom that she designed and sewed the cathedral length veil and hand applied the Swarovski crystals?? Like wow!

Work. It. Sis!

Oh hello dapper groom in your black tux jacket, white bow tie, and succulent boutonniere!

The groom's family entrance with their incredible dance moves! 

We all suspected Brian McKnight's Back at One would be the first dance song, and it was!

Does my Dad's smile light up the room or what???

The groomsmen held their own with gold bow ties, suspenders, and gray slacks. 

This emerald green and gold comb? On point! Or is it on fleek? Either way, love it! And the gold clutches instead of florals doubled as a bridesmaid gift.  Win!

While I was crazy enough to photograph my sister’s wedding, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. So I am deeply grateful to Rebekah and my assistant Yobo for coming alongside me and letting me put my camera down a few times when I needed to be a sister and not a photographer….case in point me cheering my heart out for the newlyweds as they exited the building.

Like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to create a seamless wedding day. Thank you to: Kate Foley DesignsEvCo Events | Shayna Event Rentals | Arlington Women's Club | Bliss Bridal Salon | Robert Carr Chapel at TCU | Ashley Bristo | Marilona Makeovers | Mary King Cakes