Tanuja and Ravin Mehndi Night + Indian Wedding Part 1

Tanuja and Ravin, you are two of the kindest, classiest, most gracious people I know.  Your love for each other is soul stirring and sincere and I could not have asked for a better experience for my first traditional Indian wedding.  You both thanked me after almost every photo I took, and my team and I took thousands of photos…..that’s a lot of thank you’s.  Yet, I think I’m the one who should thank you.  Thank you for inviting me to photograph your wedding celebration!  One blog post alone could not contain all the amazing photographic goodness, so here is part 1 of 2.

A talented Mehndi artist decorated the palms of the bride and other guests with intricate henna designs.  Often times, the groom’s name is hidden in the design on the bride.  Can you spot his name?

How amazingly good-looking are these two??


Elegant Affairs & Events Moderne transformed the ballroom at the Las Colinas Omni Mandalay Hotel with vibrant colors of gold, orange, and green. Each table was surrounded with chairs covered in soft champagne fabric expertly tied. Miniature Moroccan style tabletop lanterns accompanied warm candlelight to contribute to the festive air.

Friends shared toasts both funny and heart warming.  

In the words of the bride: “Marry the boyfriend who understands the importance of your girlfriends”. I couldn’t agree more!

On the morning of day 2, the balcony of their suite let in the most delicious light, and I made full use of it as the team at Ms. Painted Lady worked their magic. And they were incredible. Incredible I tell you!! Tanuja is clearly gorgeous sans make-up, but they took her beauty to a whole. ‘nother. level.  All of her bridesmaids looked fabulous as well. Aaaaand, hair and make-up ran at least a half hour early. Say what???? Yes, they are that good!

Ravin, was one of the most relaxed grooms I have photographed. I enjoyed chatting with him about his many life adventures as he polished up. It was also sweet to document tender moments between mother and son.

Have I mentioned how fortunate I am to photograph a couple with such extraordinary good looks??

The Baraat took everyone outside where there was no shortage of major dance skills.  

Bollywood Strings headed the lively procession.

Once again a simple ballroom became a canvas for brilliant colors and romantic candlelight.  The majestic Mandap with it’s swashes of pink and orange draping plus multicolored hydrangea’s and roses drew every eye.  

Dallas Omni Mandalay Indian Wedding-137.jpg

I'm not quite sure how I kept a dry eye during this emotion filled entrance.

When I asked the couple what their favorite image was, they said this one. I confess, it’s one of my favorites too :)

I am so glad the timeline allowed for gorgeous bride and groom portraits and fun bridal party photos!

I'm pausing the post right here, but check back on Thursday for part 2. There is much more goodness to come!!

Creative Team  Decor:  Elegant Affairs ||  Videograher:  Hakim Sons ||  Venue + Catering: Omni Mandalay Las Colinas Hotel || Mendhi Artist: Alpa Thakkar || Hair + Makeup Artist:  Ms. Painted Lady || Music: Bollywood Strings  || Av + Lighting:  Events Moderne