A Dallas Multigenerational Family Portrait Session

When my friend Liz mentioned that her mother, niece, and nephew would all be in from out of town/overseas for a visit, I eagerly scheduled a photo session.  I can say so many wonderful things about Liz, she is kind, Godly, giving, wise, and I can’t forget incredibly gorgeous!   Through the years, I have spent time with some of her family, so it felt like a mini reunion having them in front of my camera.  I am so glad schedules worked out so this shoot could happen.  Please enjoy the photos from their multigenerational family session.

I love this little guy’s energy!  I am a firm believer in kids being kids and allowing their personalities to shin.

You may have seen cameo appearances from this gem of a girl before.  She is a classy lady in the making.  We enjoyed discussing crafty hair bands and trips to the zoo :). And of course, a stuffed furry friend was invited along. 

I love her smile!

I love the quiet dignity and grace of Liz’s mom.  Class clearly runs in the family!  

Dance like nobody’s watching!

Three generations of joy!

I can't help but secretly hope, this photo is one that is treasured for years to come. 

Even though it was triple digits outside, the family braved the heat for some outdoor portraits, and I’m so glad we got to achieve two different looks in one session.

No doubt Liz is a winner of the awesome Aunt award.  I love how she loves her niece and nephew and it’s clear the feeling is very mutual.

A little birdie told me the kids were really looking forward to seeing how their dance moves turned out in front of the camera…..so this last shot is for them ;)