An Old School Hip Hop Themed Surprise Birthday Party

Any old school hip hop music fans in the house???  If so, this is your kind of party!  

Victoria brought on Ebony Peoples Events and Design to surprise her music loving hubby with an epic Old School Hip Hop themed party for his 40th birthday.  John had no clue whatsoever and was completely blown away. 

Fun details decorated the inside of 7 for Parties.  The menu Wendy Krispin Catering created included chicken and waffles.  Dj Phil kept the dance floor packed in the main room, while another room offered guests a variety of casino style games including Black Jack and Texas Hold ‘Em.  A & K Photobooths ensured guests left with a fun memento of the evening.   And of course we all know, a birthday party isn’t complete without cake!  Frosted Art Bakery designed a stunning cake featuring the wildly popular Beats by Dre headphones.  The cake along with mini record topped cupcakes made up the centerpiece of a colorful candy buffet.  While I normally try to stay back and just shoot, I confess that this was one party that had me tapping my toes and shimmying my shoulders more than a little bit! 

Guests signed in on black record labels with bright gold sharpies.

Izehi Dallas Event Photographer-132.jpg

Posters featuring 80’s and 90’s Hip Hop legends like Tupac, Biggie, LL Cool J and others were sprinkled throughout the interior. 

Victoria, thank you so much for inviting me to photograph the festivities! Cheers John to your 40th, the best is yet to come ;)