Baby Boy Makes 3, an Outdoor Family Session at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

A little over 3 years ago, Bimpe and Kavian were celebrating the beginning of their life together as husband and wife in a 2 day blended Nigerian/African American wedding celebration.   And now, they are on a journey of a new kind, with new titles: Mom and Dad.  It is so much fun to see this sweet couple as parents!  Bimpe and Kavian, I love getting to document the different seasons of your life. Thank you for choosing me to photograph your family!


So Little J had me fooled. This was our first shot of the session, and he was quiet and held still, peering at me from the safety of momma’s arms.  Wellllll, I’m glad we got this shot, because as soon as he realized that we would be staying at this glorious outdoor paradise for a while, he was off! He loved running and walking and exploring everything in sight.  

I enjoyed catching the joy and wonder in his eyes.  

Of course we had to make time for photos of only Mom and Dad.  Bimpe is rocking her natural hair, and Kavian is handsome as always!

I can imagine, that a day will come when Little J will be Dad’s height or taller, so it’s sweet to remember how fleeting this stage is.

Laughter filled candid family moments are the best!

Watch out, there’s a new lion in the jungle ;)

Ahhh, that swing life!