Meet Rosilind of The Dough Bar, a Cookie Bakery in Dallas Texas

Hello, my name is Izehi, and I am a cookie monster. 

If you are like me and enjoy a cookie (or two….or three), then you need to get to know Rosilind of The Dough Bar. I’m normally a hard core chocolate fan, but one bite of her tasty sugar cookies had me wondering if I needed to convert my chocoholic ways ;)  Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything so rash, but her cookies and other sweets can certainly entice!  And did I mention how awesome they look?!?!  I’ve seen her work at many events (remember her cookies from the Frozen party) and they always look as amazing as they taste.

It has been fun to build a friendship with Rosilind, and I was honored when she asked me to take some updated images of her as part of her rebranding process.  Y’all better watch out, because I know some great things are in store for her!  Enjoy the photos of this talented creative, and of course her delightful sugar cookies!

We found some perfect spots in the Bishop Arts District for the photoshoot.

How gorgeous is her smile??

This custom apron from Oatmeal Lace Design is so adorable!