At the WPPI Roadtrip Conference I went to on September 1st, Joe Buissink encouraged us to do something kind of strange.  He shared how he'd been practicing looking for good photo opportunities all around him.  He would snap or tap his leg or say click anytime he saw a good photo op. This was one of the ways he trained himself, so that during a photo shoot grabbing his camera and clicking became a reflex action.  For the last month I've been practicing this too. I've done it so much, that my sister has even caught on, and occasionally she'll tell me that she "clicked" when she saw something that would make a good shot. It was neat one day as I was driving and in backed up traffic when I noticed a gorgeous sky.  I immediately tapped my leg, but then realized I had my camera with me!  Here's the shot I got straight out of the camera.  It was fun to see some of my training and reflex actions rewarded!