Downtown Dallas Skyline

My DFW DJ - Rooftop Portrait Session

Lance, aka My DFW DJ and I first met at the Dallas Munaluchi Bridal Tour stop last year. In any business, it’s invaluable to have like-minded peers for encouragement and support in the unglamorous day to day hustle.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know Lance and I’m excited for the great things 2016 holds in store for him!  


He approached me about getting some updated personal images and I was excited to schedule a rooftop session with a lovely view of the Downtown Dallas skyline.  Enjoy the photos from that session!

Akin + Abi Engagements

From the moment I met Akin and Abi, it was clear to me that they are very much in love.  I could see it in the tender way Akin played with Abi's hands, the shy smiles she gave him, and the attentive way she listened to him speak.  I think it was within those first five minutes that I started dreaming of how incredible their engagement session would be.  Even a blind man could see that Abi and Akin have some serious style. Beyonce + Jay Z &  Will + Jada need to watch out. There's a new couple in town!







You two define the word fierce.  All gentlemen please take note the powerful impact of a well tailored vest suit.

Hello Essence Magazine, your cover models are ready.

 Their fresh, clean, urban style screamed glamour and city lights to me, so I was ridiculously excited when they were excited to do a dusk/night shoot with the Dallas skyline.  Have I mentioned the word excited yet enough for you to see how excited I am? :)



One of my favorite moments during their session was when we arrived at our second location and Abi had changed into a new outfit.  Akin stood there staring at her, holding her hands, speechless by her beauty.  Yes Abi, you snagged a good one!