Floral Crown Party

A Flower Crown Party

My friend Evie of Evie Morgan Events recently hosted a Flower Crown Making Party at Times Ten Cellar in Dallas and it was so much fun!  Ashley with The Rogue Rose taught everyone how to make the most darling floral crowns. 


Opportunities to create and release your inner artist make me oh so happy.  And you can call me cheese-y, but I couldn’t help but get so many little aha moments while photographing. From seeing everyone helping and celebrating one another, to each flower crown looking beautiful in its own unique way, to seeing the ladies assisting each other with their crowns; literally!  I felt like there were sprinkles of inspiration everywhere!  Was I reading too much into a girls night out and pulling lessons out of thin air?  Perhaps.  Or maybe the lesson is this: always take an opportunity to have fun with friends and flowers! ;)  Judging by the smiles and laughter, a good time was had by all. 


Enjoy the photos from the party!