Nigerian Portrait Photographer

The Magic Room

In a Bridal store...

Every bride,

Every mom, aunt, grandmother, father & sibling

Every wedding dress,

Every bridal shop owner,

Every mirror,

They all have a story.


The Magic Room, A Story About the Love We Wish For Our Daughters by Jeffrey Zaslow weaves together all of these stories.


I have been thoroughly engaged uncovering the treasure of each story.  I could say more, so much more, but really, you should just read the book :)


Happy 10th Anniversary Eagle Believers Chapel!

Husband and wife Pastor Funmi and Pastor Nosa are the warm, hospitable, and utterly engaging pastors of Eagle Believers Chapel.  The church will be celebrating it's 10th anniversary in September and I was honored to capture some images of the couple and their church to be used in the upcoming celebration.




Pastor Funmi you are radiant!

I loved that we had time to sneak in a few photos of other family members.







Eagle Believers Chapel is quite a lovely venue. Custom built from the ground up, the church building is in mint condition.



I took a quick tour of the facility and snapped some photos along the way.


Now, the pastors didn't ask me to plug their church, but I confess that I was really impressed with the venue and think it would make a great location for a wedding ceremony or event, especially if you have a larger guest list.  Together the ground floor and balcony level of  the sanctuary seat  500!


The reception hall is massive!  It seats about 600 people and you can see it provides a wonderful blank canvas to decorate and fill any way you wish.  There is also a kitchen to accommodate outside catering.


I won't spill the beans on the rental rates that were mentioned; however I will say that is an unbelievably amazing deal!



Happy 10th Anniversary to Eagle Believers Chapel!  Pastor Funmi & Pastor Nosa I wish you many more anniversary celebrations!

Taking off the hats

She is a mom.

She is a nurse.

She is a wife.

She is a friend.

For a few minutes today in front of my lens she took off all those hats and was simply a woman, a beautiful woman.

Auntie I, you are truly beautiful inside and out.  Thank you for sending a card every year on my birthday.  Thank you for being such a great friend to my mom.  Thank you for allowing me to capture your natural beauty!