Painting with a Twist

As an artist I'm constantly looking for ways to feed my creative side.  So when I heard about Painting with a Twist, I knew I just had to do it.  Basically, you pay to go to a 2-3 hour night of fun where an instructor teaches a group of about 25 people how to all paint the same painting. The website assured me that even beginners (which I most certainly was) would be able to have a finished painting by the end of the class.  I'd been wanting to do this for awhile, and my birthday provided the perfect opportunity for me to indulge myself.  I decided to sign up, and was so glad when my friend Mentanna signed up to go with me!

We walked in to see lots of paintings on the walls.

We'd chosen the class based on the painting, and this was what we would be painting.

I wondered how exactly they could get a beginner like me to paint what looked like a masterpiece.  This was how:  everyone had a canvas that had been prepped with a sketched image.

We ended up having lots of fun that night, though I have to confess that the painting was probably a little advanced for a beginner like myself.

The paint on my chin was definitely intentional, you know to make me look more artsy.

We both went home with completed images....mission accomplished!