TX Nigerian Wedding Photographer

Mary + Muyiwa E session

I knew Mary and Muyiwa's engagement session was going to be great for 2 reasons. 1.  This shoe.  Any girl who can rock this, is awesome.

2.  This line: I asked Mary how she knew that Muyiwa was the one.  She said "I saw a reflection of myself in him."  Beautiful!

Yep, those 2 reasons and many more pretty much guaranteed an amazing shoot.  Not to mention that they are the sweetest couple; laid back, kind, and very photogenic!

One of my favorites?  Why yes it is!




Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous is all I have to say!


The next two are some of Mary and Muyiwa's favorites. I've got to agree with them!  And how cool is it that their wedding colors are watermelon and green, just like the leaves in the background!



The entire shoot Mary kept saying how happy they were to have me as their photographer, and I kept thinking how happy I was to have such incredible clients!  I'm looking forward to their wedding this summer!