WPPI Road Trip Conference

September and Inspiration

I love a new month.  Just seeing the number 1 on the calendar brings me inspiration and hope.  I especially love September for 2 reasons:  a) it means fall is around the corner and b) my birthday is in the month of September. Today I feel like I got an early birthday present when I attended the WPPI roadtrip.  All of the speakers Alvin Gee,  Dawn Shields, Luke and David Edmonson, Joe Buissink, & the Boudoir Divas shared generously their industry knowledge.  I appreciated how warm and friendly they were and so very humble.

I think when Joe Buissink spoke he touched a place deep inside of all of us as he encouraged us to shoot from the heart.  Listening to him, I was reminded of why I even got into photography in the first place.  I want to return to that place more often.  Joe also challenged us to find the most favorite images we've ever shot and remember why we love them so much.

I will forever love these two photos I took of my friend Katie. I took them years ago, and something about the similarities and differences between the two images never ceases to connect with me.

So here's to a month of new beginnings and a month of reconnecting with the heart of  my photography!