Holiday Baking & My Secret Weapon

I love baking around the holidays, but that directly conflicts with the goal of keeping the numbers on the scale going down instead of up.  So I have a secret weapon:  banana bread.

Growing up my family would eat bananas like nobody's business, but none of us really liked them after they became super ripe. So, we always had tons of leftover overly ripe bananas. Solution?  Banana bread. Lots and LOTS of banana bread.  By the time I was 10 I think I had the recipe memorized.  Occasionally ripe bananas would make their way into a cornbread recipe *shudder*.  Needless to say, banana bread isn't my favorite sweet bread ;)  However, we still have tons of ripe bananas, and I love the thought of homemade bread for a gift, or a surprise guest.  So there you have it, I can bake and still defeat the scale :)

Do you have any tips for surviving holiday sweets? Or maybe you even have another use for ripe bananas that doesn't involve cornbread :)