Who says you only wear your wedding dress once?

When I heard that my friend and fellow photographer Jessica wanted to surprise her hubby of over 5 years with photos of her in her wedding dress I jumped at the chance to photograph her.  Shooting another photographer can be kind of intimidating, but Jessica was so chill I soon got over my nerves and got in my happy zone.

Don’t let her sweet soft spoken personality fool you.  Put her in front of a camera and she is FIERCE.  I loved how she worked her accessories: the flower, the boots, the jewelry, it was all smoking I tell you….smokin!

When you get a chance check out her work here.

If any of you married ladies out there have been toying with the idea of rocking your wedding dress again for your man in a little photo shoot, holla at me and we'll make it happen. It would make a lovely Christmas gift :D