A Stylish Family in a Magical Forest

Early Sunday morning, Sylvia, Shane and their 2 adorable kids met me at Colleyville Nature Center for a family portrait photography session.  What’s crazy to think is that I have been photographing their family since their oldest daughter was born!  I know I know, you don’t think I’m old enough to have possibly been photographing this long, but it’s true ;)

Seriously though, this is one of the reasons I love getting to photograph families year after year. I’m documenting their lives, and I love reconnecting and seeing all the changes that happen over time. Sylvia and Shane thank you for choosing me to photograph your lovely family. I can’t wait until next time!

This little girl is full of life and energy and joy! I love seeing her eyes light up at the smallest things. We were pretending we were in a magical forest, and well, really with the beautiful light, I certainly felt like it was magical ;)

Both father and son looked quite dapper.  I had to compliment Shane on his fresh haircut. 

Sylvia told me she'd  chosen their color scheme to be gray and pink, and I may have squealed just a tiny bit, knowing how lovely it would look. I think she did a fabulous job, don't you?

Momma and daughter both look striking in their gray sweaters and pink chiffon skirts.  Sylvia your rose gold accessories and nude pumps are the perfect touch of soft elegance. 

The wonder of a magical forest is that it turns sticks into fun toys for little boys....

...and colored leaves into treasures to be hunted for by little girls.

There was a bit of chill in the air, so hugs helped to keep warm.