A chic blue and gold baby shower in Dallas

Weddings and babies seem to happen in waves, and I’m so excited to be able to ride this wave of excitement by celebrating with my friends Ebony and Jovan Wordlaw who will soon welcome their baby boy Sebastian into the world! 

Prashe Decor hosted a chic shower for Baby Wordlaw at their showroom in Dallas, Tx.  Guests were treated to a visual feast as soon as they entered.  A mirrored tabletop offered tasty treats in a tempting dessert display.

Beautiful off white draping created a light intimate feel that paired nicely against the gold metallic decor.

Fresh white hydrangeas, roses, and tulips graced luxurious deep blue linens accented with gold chargers.

A long elegant table covered with a black and white striped table linen a la Kate Spade was surrounded by gold Chiavari chairs on one side and plush seating on the other.  

DJ Gumbo was on hand and did an incredible job of spinning tunes throughout the entire shower. His playlist was on point!

A variety of games kept guests entertained. To start with, everyone received a blue ribbon necklace with a pacifier charm.  Anyone who said the word baby had to surrender their necklace.  

Here is the beautiful glowing mama-to-be with both of Sebastian's grandmothers, or should I say Nana and GlamMom ;)

This little princess was quite enamored with Ebony.

Another shower game guests played was to guess the number of Skittles in a baby bottle.

Do you know what a baby swan is called? Neither did I! 

Lots of laughs spewed when family and friends competed to see who could sip the most apple juice from a baby bottle in 2 minutes. It's not as easy as it looks!

The infamous "name that poop" game also generated laughs as diapers filled with melted candy bars were passed around for guests to guess which candy bar made the mess. It's probably the only time a room full of people deeply inhale into a diaper filled with unidentifiable brown substances. There was a rumor that one diaper was literally filled with poop, but thankfully it was just a rumor :)

The fun and games continued as various baby products were showcased for guests to play the Price is Right and guess how much each item costs. 

The pacifier game was a fierce one.

I had a pint sized helper who wanted to take a photo of her momma, I think she did a fabulous job!

With this adorable gray blazer style sweater from Baby Gap, Sebastian will take after his mom and dad and be one handsomely attired little baby.

The final baby shower game played involved tasting various baby food mixtures and guessing the ingredients.

The fabulous Meagan and Cymone did a great job as co-hostesses.  

It  was so sweet to see friends and family who came from near and far to celebrate with the happy couple. Sebastian we can't wait to meet you, you will be well loved!