A Relaxed Lifestyle Family Session

Some of you faithful blog readers (much love to you!) may notice a few of the following faces have been sprinkled throughout my website for quite some time. Well, here is the official blog post!

My beautiful friend Veronica asked me to photograph her family of four shortly after the birth of her son. Alllllright, I have to admit, she actually requested photos of her new baby. And I took lots of photos of him, but I kinda snuck in more than a handful of photos with the rest of the family. I mean, can you blame me??? This is one good looking crew!  

One of the things I love about photography is how it preserves time and memory.  These photos were taken last year, so these two kids have grown and changed incredibly since I last photographed them.  But through the beauty of photography, a single look at an image transports me back to their session. I'm reminded of soft baby skin, sweet little girl singing, and the happy hum of a joy filled home.  Veronica, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your wonderful family! 

Big sisters are wonderful, aren't they little man?

I like your style!

Candid moments like this make my heart happy.

Baby brother needed a little break so we took some time to focus on big sis.

Literally one of my all time favorite photos! 

Dance like nobody is photographing....I mean watching.

Veronica your smile lights up the room!

He needed a moment to get ready for his close up.

How can you resist this face??

Another favorite from the session.