Dallas Texas Nigerian Wedding Photographer

Sam Acho + Ngozi

Y'all, this wedding has me allllll in my feelings.  Such a beautiful celebration of love!  I second shot the wedding with Uche Photo nearly two years ago, and I still remember every detail in HD clarity.  There are a lot of images to feast your eyes on, so please enjoy!

The first thing I noticed when I walked into Sam’s room was his open Bible on his bed.  To anyone who knows him, his unreserved dedication to following Jesus is clear, and this was as true as ever on his wedding day. 

As a second photographer you often get the chance to hang with the guys photographing them while the lead photographer stays with the bride. This time I enjoyed having the ability to float back and between both the bride and the groom to get equal coverage.

Ngozi made a breathtaking bride!

I tried oh so hard to remain a fly on the wall as I photographed the groom and his guys pre-ceremony.  The words of admiration liberally flowed, and it was clear to see the genuine camaraderie and respect all shared for the groom.  

Football fans may recognize Sam and his brother Emmaunel from their days as Longhorns at UT Austin.  

Dianne’s beautiful voice filled the sanctuary of Highland Park United Methodist Church as she sang Hillsong’s Oceans. 

Once the ceremony began, I was required to stay in one position, but it was neat to see just how much I was able to capture from my solo perch.

Izehi Photography Sam Acho Nigerian Wedding -144.jpg

Sam played for UT Austin in college and was currently signed with the Arizona Cardinals, so the groom’s cake showcased the two helmets from both teams.

The ballroom in the Addison Conference Center brimmed wall to wall with guests dressed to impress and eager to celebrate the newlywed.

Party favors included mugs, cookies, and wrist bands.

The bride and groom dashed away to change into their second outfit, and I caught a quick shot of them prior to their re-entry.  Love their smiles and laughter!

Longhorn pride was in the air! Hook’em Horns!

Artist Justin Queal created a custom commissioned painting of both ceremonies (traditional and church). He painted the final portion live the evening of the wedding.

The evening ended with sincere thanks from the bride and groom.

Cheers to the impressive team that created a beautiful wedding: 

Event Producers : Randi Chapman & Chandra Vitale of Sports Trust Advisors | Pastors: Dr. Sonny Acho,  Jeff Gokee | Addison Conference Center | Westin Galleria Dallas Hotel | Highland Park United Methodist Church |Jasmine Porter, Makeup Artist| Justin Queal | Panini Bakery & Cakes | Absolutely Blooming | Fauxcades | DJ Smilee | Chef Point Café