Nigerian Event Photographer

Mr. T's Birthday Party

As soon as I walked in and saw this birthday cake from Opulent Cakes, I knew Tofarati's (who I affectionately call Mr. T) 1st birthday party was going to be great!

Isn't Mr. T such a cutie?

We tried for a shot of the two cousins, but there were a few tasty distractions, or perhaps someone was just hungry.

Check out this great gift Mr. T's aunt brought him.  It took him a little while to warm up to it.

But they eventually became friends.

I love, love, love that Mr. T's mom made time for some family portraits.  It was a great chance to show off their family's awesome style!

Unguarded, candid moments are always my favorite!

Mr. T's Dad is an incredibly talented artist and did a wonderful job decorating Mr. T's room.

Here's a better shot of the two cousins, stylin in their traditional native attire.

Mr. T's cousin workin the party favors.

Boys and their toys :)

Mr. T, you are the man!